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  • Tiger’s Eye


    Channel your inner tiger with this yellow-golden cabochon gem.  The warm glow of this Coin can be matched with both dark or light colors.

  • Sparkling Sandstone


    Be creative.  This natural stone Coin encourages truth and promotes clarity in thought and sight.  Sandstone balances one’s reality and facilitates ease of movement and change.

  • Snow White Howlite


    Be youself.  This Howlite inspired Coin is meant to facilitate awareness, encourage emotional expression, and assist in the elimination of pain and stress.

  • Rainforest Malachite


    Don’t fight temptation.  Rock this Coin knowing it personifies the deep healing green of nature and represents the innate beauty of flowers, trees, roots and plants.

  • Caramel Feldspar


    R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  Feldspar increases your self respect, self esteem and self awareness.The mineral feldspar provides you with feminine, moon and Goddess energy. It helps you in honoring yourself as a woman.

  • Mineral Quartz


    It’s hip to be Natural.  Mica Mineral Quartz aligns energy of the body and releases blockages of energy within the body.  It is also said to provide energy and purpose.

  • Marble Royale


    Hello sunshine…

    • Marble stone with gold tone accent
    • Lead free and hypoallergenic, ideal for sensitive skin
    • High quality and durable jewelry grade anti-tarnish rhodium finish
    • Beautifully hand polished and easy to care for
    • Carlo Biagi Coins are easily interchangeable in seconds and can adapt to anyone’s style or outfit
    • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Dalmatian Jasper


    Be grounded.  This Jasper inspired Coin helps you see your strengths and weaknesses, and encourages grounding both with the Earth and in reality.  Dalmatian Jasper increases loyalty and is beneficial for long term relationships. It brings a sense of fun to one’s life.