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  • Aurora Borealis Set


    No need to fly to Iceland. Light up the room with this Druzy cabochon, color-changing work of art. This set includes: Aurora Borealis Coin Luxe Gold Pendant Gold Chain Limited time and while supplies last.

  • Champagne Ice Rose Gold Set


    Treat yourself! A complete set for the price of just the coin alone. Limited time and availability Genuine SWAROVSKI crystals Comes with ROSE GOLD Luxe Pendant and Rose Gold Chain Lead free and hypoallergenic, ideal for sensitive skin High quality and durable jewelry grade anti-tarnish 18k gold finish Beautifully hand polished and easy to care…

  • Daydream Complete Set


    Faceted design with color-changing flakes this coin is a fan favorite! This set comes with 1 Daydream coin, 1 Luxe Rose Gold Pendant, and 1 Rose Gold Chain